My DevFest Montreal '23 Journey: AI, Flutter, and the Power of Community


Hello, tech enthusiasts!

For this year’s DevFest season, I had the incredible opportunity to be a speaker at DevFest Montreal ‘23. The experience was nothing short of exhilarating, and I’m eager to share my journey with you all.

My First In-Person DevFest Talk Post-Pandemic

The pandemic brought about many changes, and while virtual events have their charm, there’s something irreplaceable about in-person interactions. This year’s DevFest Montreal ‘23 was particularly memorable for me. It wasn’t just another event; it marked my return to the stage as a speaker at an in-person DevFest since the pandemic’s end. The joy of reconnecting with my local community, the immediacy of face-to-face interactions, and the collective enthusiasm made it an experience to cherish

Speaking at McGill University


Adding to the excitement was the venue itself – the prestigious McGill University. It was my first time giving a talk at this esteemed institution. Walking through its historic corridors and feeling the weight of the academic legacy was truly inspiring.

Empowering the Next Generation

One of the things I cherish most about speaking at such events is the chance to interact with young, budding developers. When someone, be it a student, professional, or a hobbyist, takes out time from their weekend to attend a conference, it speaks volumes about their passion. And I was all geared up to fuel that passion further!

A Room Full of Tech Enthusiasts

The audience was a delightful mix, reflecting the diverse nature of the tech community. While I am a Flutter Google Developer Expert and was thrilled to see fellow Flutter enthusiasts, it was equally heartening to see a significant number of attendees eager to learn about AI and generative AI, particularly with the mention of PaLM API and MakerSuite. This blend of interests made the discussions richer and more comprehensive.

Engaging with the Student Community


Post my talk, I had the pleasure of connecting with students not just from McGill but also from Concordia University. Their inquisitiveness, their drive, and their fresh perspectives are always a source of inspiration for me.

The Power of Prompt Engineering

A recurring theme in the Q&A session was the emerging field of prompt engineering. With the rise in job opportunities in this domain, many were curious about its relevance and importance. Drawing from my experience with MakerSuite, I emphasized the significance of mastering the tools at our disposal. In today’s dynamic tech landscape, it’s all about enhancing productivity and staying ahead of the curve.

A Glimpse into the Demo App

For those who missed it, I showcased a demo app that I had built during a sprint with Google. It’s a testament to the capabilities of AI-driven app development. Curious to know more? Dive into the details and access the source code in my previous blog.

A Big Thank You!

I’d like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to GDG Montreal, Flutter Montreal, and all the volunteers and organizers of DevFest Montreal ‘23. Your hard work and dedication made this event a grand success. Here’s looking forward to the next edition!

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